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daughter and father playingLeonard A. Martinez & Associates have successfully resolved several family law cases in Colorado, including divorce, child custody, and child support. Family disputes can be one of your life’s most stressful and traumatic experiences. People often hesitate to turn family matters into legal matters. But what ultimately matters is how smoothly you can protect your rights while minimizing friction. At Denver Legal, our Denver family lawyer values your family harmony as much as the justice you deserve. So we take a measured and compassionate approach to resolve your disputes in a stress-free way.

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Family disputes can be emotionally and financially draining to resolve legally. They require skillful negotiation and great attention to detail.

We’ll negotiate a fair settlement or fight for a favorable verdict if needed. But whatever side of the case you’re on, we’re always going to stand up first for your rights.

Meet the Attorney: Leonard A. Martinez

Leonard MartinezLeonard A. Martinez grew up passionate about strengthening community roots through his legal services and non-profit work. He founded Leonard A. Martinez & Associates in Denver with a primary focus on personal injury, family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, employment law, and contract litigation.

He also founded The Denver Legal Team in Lakewood, Colorado, which he has served for over 20 years.

From being a legal intern in the White House to starting his own firm, Leonard has been hard at work building bridges in his community and delivering justice to his clients. He secured several six-figure and seven-figure settlements for his clients and resolved complex high-profile cases. After a point, he barely had to make any advertising efforts. His success rate and client trust did the marketing for him and started attracting most of his new cases.

Leonard has also been featured in the Top 100 Attorneys magazine. He has developed a rich network of associates and experts to tap into to personalize the best legal strategy for your case.

He doesn’t shy away from innovation when he faces an obstacle. He wanted to level the playing field for small firms that don’t have enough legal resources at their disposal as big firms. So he created AttorneyDocs – the first open online marketplace for legal professionals to buy and sell their case documents safely. It helped attorneys from all backgrounds collaborate to profit and save time.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

Families are the fundamental units upon which all other institutions are built. Unresolved conflicts can take an unnecessary toll on generations of family members. That’s why family law is so vital. They need a supportive legal process to defuse conflicts and reach fair resolutions.

The Denver Legal team tackles a wide range of concerns that arise within families. We aspire to reach a solution that protects the interests of everyone involved while ensuring your rights aren’t violated.

Here are some important areas of family law we can help you with:

  • Divorce – You can get legally married within a day without any hassles, but divorce is a whole other story. The family courts have to carefully evaluate the circumstances, arguments, evidence, and assets of both parties. 95 percent of divorces are settled without a trial, but it can take a lot of legal legwork and negotiations to resolve these disputes. Our family lawyer will help you choose the path of least resistance to reach a quick and fair conclusion. They’ll also assist you with your marital alimony dispute.
  • Child support, custody, and visitation rights – Divorces with children involved are a lot more complicated than divorces with no children. Child custody battles are emotionally draining and legally challenging. The family court will factor in both sides’ financial status and work-life balance along with the child’s emotional well-being. They can also make a ruling on the visiting rights of the non-custodial parent. These decisions could impact your relationship with your children for the rest of your life. We’ll fight for the best interests of your children and negotiate a healthy custody agreement. We’ll also negotiate a comfortable financial support plan to assist your children’s nurturing.
  • Adoption and surrogacy – Adoption is a legal process you need to go through to get legal parental rights for children who are not biologically yours. Our family lawyers will help you with all the adoption paperwork and proof needed to show that the child will get a safe and nurturing household. We’ll ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of by an adoption agency or the birth parent during this process.
  • Domestic violence – If you can’t feel safe in your own home, then something is seriously wrong. Domestic abuse victims can take our help to hold their abusers liable for their injuries and losses. Your family lawyer can get you access to counseling and shelter. We can also help you secure a restraining order against your abuser.

We can also assist you with paternity matters, prenuptial/postnuptial/cohabitation agreements, and family asset protection and valuation.

Leonard Martinez

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Personalized Legal Strategies

Family disputes can have long-lasting consequences that can permanently alter your life. We aim to be the shoulder you can lean on and the legal shield to protect your rights throughout the case. Honesty and transparency are the foundation of our client relationships.

We try to get a bird’s eye view and an in-depth understanding of all the parties involved. It helps us identify the needs of both sides to propose a reasonable resolution. We tailor a unique legal approach for each case to get the best possible settlement for you.

Over 25 Years of Experience

A smoothly resolved family dispute can prevent generations of bitterness and trauma. Our firm’s longstanding commitment to families is matched by their appreciation for our services.

They acknowledge the role we played in securing their physical, emotional, and financial stability. So after 25 years of serving them, many of our new clients are still referred to us by these content families.

Courtroom Readiness and Mediation Expertise

It’s true that there’s a strong chance your case will be settled without a trial. But we still fight your case like it’s going to trial. You have to use every piece of evidence to support your arguments.

It helps us mediate with more authority and awareness when we know the whole picture. It allows us to choose the right legal strategy for the right time. We will achieve your goals inside and outside the courtroom.

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