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Every county and every courthouse has its own way of doing things. The criminal court process in Adams County, for example, differs significantly from the process in Denver County or Jefferson County or Adams County, and the list goes on…

We have a combined 30 plus years’ of experience in each courthouse in the Denver Metro Area. By working day in and day out in these courts, we develop trusting relationships with judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court staff. Moreover, we know how things work courtrooms and with prosecuting agencies. We have learned whom to talk to, who has discretion, and the most effective ways to get the job done. We are here to serve you and protect your rights. Call today and schedule a consultation.

The Denver Legal Team helped my family through a difficult time. Leonard was responsive, actively participated and took ownership in the results. The communication was accurate and timely, and helped ease my mind through the inevitable uncertainty of the legal system. I knew we were in good hands the second we shook hands.– Maria Cartaya


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